About us

The basic aim of ASHI has always been and continues to be ‘Empowerment of Women, Children and Youth’ 

belonging to the less privileged section of society. However, with passing time, the modes of achieving this went through significant changes. Strategies have been gradually modified to adapt to changes in the moral and social structure of the Indian society. 


The objectives of ASHI are to impart vocational skills and equip them to become economically independent and self-reliant, to promote health awareness and education among women, children and youth, to provide counselling and guidance services by professionals and social workers to brace them to face the realities of life and live with dignity.


ASHI provides services both at the Institutional and Community level in various states of India. At the Institutional level, ‘Swadhar Greh’ for women, children home in a few state, an age old home, family counselling centers, women and child helplines, drug deaddiction centers have been established.


The Family Support Services Project at the Headquarters in Delhi focusses mainly on providing Education and Health services at the Community level. It caters to the communities and schools in Central Delhi, located in the vicinity of the ASHI office. Non-formal education centers for non-school going and school going children, adult literacy centers and a library for encouraging children to read and learn on their own or under supervision. School Intervention programs include organizing and conducting workshops and small group discussions on relevant and important social issues, as per the age group of children. Individual and group counselling sessions are taken in schools by experienced counsellors.


Various Vocational/Life skill programs are organized and conducted by qualified resource persons at the ASHI premises, courses such as in Computer applications, Mobile and hardware repairing, Beauty culture and Health care, Stitching and Tailoring, Dress designing, Mehndi application and Spoken/Communicative English.


Besides, the project provides Counselling and Referral services, organizes Health camps periodically and gives free medical assistance to the needy. It also helps women in generating income through internship and other programs. Training and capacity building for students and volunteers from reputed schools and colleges is a significant component of the project. Documentation and compilation of case studies is a regular feature.


ASHI has a strong network with other NGO’s, Institutions and the CSR departments of various reputed organizations. Well meaning, dedicated and committed people/ organizations are always welcome to join us in our mission to uplift the standards of the less privileged and help them to become confident, economically independent and self-reliant.